Part of the LazyScript Plugin. Allows you to dynamically change the onTick and onTouch values of any SP-enabled group in your model; even emitted objects! (WARNING: Does not work correctly in the current release!)



"value" is the new onTick value you wish to give the group. This must be a string, so be careful not to use the same kind of quotes inside it as you do to make it. You can also insert line breaks into the string, which will work in the same way as normal line breaks in Ruby.

"grp" is the group you wish to give the new onTick to. By default, this is $curEvalGroup (the group the command is called in)



onTick("lookAt('thing')", myGroup)

Any normal commands will work, so go nuts!


Once set, works in exactly the same way as manually setting the onTouch.


"value" is the new onTouch value you wish to give the group. This, as with onTick, needs to be a string.

"grp" is the group you want to endow with onTouch. Once again, this defaults to the current group, $curEvalGroup.



onTouch("easyParticle('explosion sq',pos,10)", myGroup)

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