The 'convexhull' is a rarely used form of 'staticmesh'. The main difference from 'staticmesh' is that it 'convexhull' is not static.

Advantages of convexhullEdit

Some users who have created basic shapes will use 'convexhull' because it saves time and a lot of the debugging is not needed.

Disadvantages of convexhullEdit

The main problem with 'convexhull' is when people use it on advanced shapes, such as wheels with treads. This causes a lot of lag due to the computer working on the collisionmesh, which leads to poor model performance. In addition, resizing a 'convexhull' will cause it to enter a "nocollision" like state. To repair that, the user must explode the object and then regroup it.

The UI
Joints SliderPistonHingeServoMotorGyroFixedCorkscrewSpringBallUniversalGears
States StaticFrozenIgnoreNoCollisionShowCollisionNoAutoFreezeMagnetic
Properties MagnetThrusterEmitterOnTouchOnTick
Shapes defaultboxspherecylinderconecapsulechamferconvexhullstaticmesh

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